How to Become a Success Magnet



My question is regarding a blockage in the flow of my financial affairs. My Business has come to a standstill and Im finding that Im unable to pay my bills and run my home as well as my childrens education commitments. My children as well as my wife are disrespecting me and consider me a total Failure.I feel as though there is an accumilation of negative Karmic Activites that is holding me back. How can I overcome this problem and be in Harmoney with the Universe.

Thanking you

—Rikesh, South Africa


Dear Rikesh,

Thank you for your question. Please know that there is hope. Even though there may indeed be an accumulation of negative karmic activities that are holding you back, please do not be complacent and passive in accepting that reality. This karmic set of circumstances was put into motion by your own soul in this life and in past lives. It is up to you to create a new and positive karmic reality, one step at a time.

Please ask your family to be conservative in their expenditures while you try to turn around the situation.

Please read this free e-booklet: Opening to Divine Abundance.

Usually I would suggest that you download it and use it every day for as a workbook for at least one month. Because of your situation, however, I would recommend that you actually use it daily for six months or more, in order to turn around the karma. Please also listen to my two affirmation videos on the page. These affirmations are powerful enough to change your life. Please memorize the affirmations and do them many times a day. This will change your consciousness and turn you into a success magnet.

Please keep a journal of the small blessings that start to occur in your life as you embark on this journey of success. Do not allow your family to ridicule your efforts. In the beginning, it may be best to keep this process a secret. Ask the blessing of Paramhansa Yogananda on your efforts. Share it all with him.

I wish you every success.

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry