Being in the Body of My Deceased Father


In meditation yesterday I came into the body of my father. I believed I was him, felt like him, looked like him. My father passed away 19 years ago. I cried as him uncontrollable -- very very very emotional -- was sitting and fell to the ground in grief, shouted very loud squealing loudly. I then came to peace as others in the group were explaining to the spiritual healer how they felt after the meditation. I got up and still felt I was my father. I'm female 56. I came back 20 min later. Can you explain?

—Marie, Northern Ireland


Dear Marie,

What you are describing that happened to you with your father as a part of your meditation is somewhat unusual. It is best that you pray deeply to God and Guru (if you have a guru) to help you with this situation. It would be best that you and your deceased father’s spirit not merge with each other for any reason. It is not a helpful or positive thing to have happen for either of you.

It is likely that he is simply confused about where he is now in the astral universe. Perhaps because of his attachment to you and your being was open to different levels of energies during your meditation, he mistakenly took the opportunity to be with you again in the way you have described (by your coming into his body).

However, his most important job at this time is to relax, enjoy where he is, and to rest up for his next incarnation. Try mentally to address his soul and explain this to him. Tell him that if he really feels he needs to communicate with you about something, to do so gently, perhaps speaking with you in one of your nightly dreams, but not with the motivation of his inhabiting your body or your inhabiting his body in any way.

It will be important now for you to ask for help in the form of healing prayers from others, whom you trust, to assist you in trying to help him and to strengthen you, also. You might want to contact the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry at this website, to ask for assistance in doing this and in helping you release your grief for him.