Black Magic


I wanted to ask about curses (or black magic of any kind). Do curses interfere with one’s karma and the way the that person’s life should have naturally progressed, or are curses actually a part of one’s karma (meaning, if one has been a victim of a curse, can we assume that it was "meant" to happen because of their karma)?

—Diana, US


Dear Diana,

All that happens to us is, in some way, related to our own past action or association. Those who die in a tragedy, like an airplane crash, can’t possibly all have the individual karma to die in that way at that time. Some simply don’t have a strong enough magnetism to repulse the stronger magnetism (karma) of a sufficient number of people in the plane who do have that karma. Their lack of magnetism is, essentially, the result of their own past actions (karma) in not developing sufficient energy, willingness, initiative, or any of the many traits that strengthen a person’s aura and magnetism. (So it’s still karma but indirectly.)

But in the case of black magic, usually, a person is specifically targeted by another person to be cursed. In such a case, the karma between these two people is obvious and personal. I’ve never heard of someone being “accidentally” affected by a curse (as if they happened to be standing around when the curse was “shot out”).

However, what we have done or not done in the past can be undone in the present. By the dictates of past action, there are many things that are “meant to happen”, but whether, when, or how they happen depend very much on actions taken since the original karma. If a person was a thief in a past life but, owing to reason and feeling awakening great compassion for others, he or she spends a lifetime in dispensing charity, the past karma of being a thief may be dissolved such that any boomerang effect (such as the obvious one of having his or her goods stolen by another thief) will never take place.

The law of karma is exact, but it also operates on subtle as well as material levels. Thus love for God can mitigate past bad karma, but this doesn’t mean that the law of karma isn’t operative. It means we’ve appealed to a higher court, so to speak, to a higher power which has the ability to “forgive our sins.” But the energy of love for God is still energy, so the “law” of energy exchange (karma — action) still functions.

As Sharada Devi, wife of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa put it, “If it is your karma to lose an arm, if you are a devotee (lover of God), you may only end up with a cut or scratch.” But the energy and commitment to love God is itself mitigating energy to the past bad karma. But there’s more involved here: much more.

There’s also the “God-particle” effect in that reaching “up” to the Source of all Life we also draw a higher flow of energy (not one merely driven by ego-intention) into our lives in a ratio of 3 or 4 to 1! Our 100% energy commitment to love God is but 25% of the grace that liberates us from all karma. (So is the 3:1 or 4:1? I don’t remember my grammar school math!)

If you ever feel cursed or psychically attacked by anyone, strengthen your own aura by prayer and meditation, positive thoughts, joyful service, and devotion. If the source of abuse is strong, don’t attempt to “convert” that person; instead, strengthen your own magnetism. There are several mantras that can be used. If interested, please write us back.

This world and you (your ego, body, personality) are but manifestations of the Infinite Spirit. Return to Spirit and dissolve the bonds of lesser identification, that you might be free.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hriman