Blessing of Aum


I want to ask that one night when i was meditating i felt strongly aeolian sound ,just through my right was just like a flash of wind which could not be felt but it was strong enough to be heard. kindly guide me what does it mean?

—Lahiri, India


You may have received a blessing and the beginnings of hearing God’s voice of the cosmic Aum in your meditation. How wonderful! Remember in your heart to receive that gift with gratitude and joy!

There is wonderful book on our website written by Joseph Bharat Cornell Aum The Melody of Love. It may be a great resource to you in answer to your question, also.

He explains in his book how concentration on the physical sounds in the right ear will gradually sensitize you to the subtler astral sounds. Concentration during meditation helps you to feel that the inner sound and know it as an ’emissary from Divine Mother’. Soon leading you to hear the most captivating sound in the universe of Aum. Honoring that sound will help you listen with greater intensity and love. Carry the sound and that love with you through out the day.

Continue in your efforts to go deeper and deeper in your experience of God and keep open to Aum’s holy presence. The spiritual path is not about the experience we receive in meditation but about refining our self offering. Give everything to God and He will guide you.

Many Blessings on you efforts.