Namaste, While meditating my body starts shaking back and forth. After I finish meditation, usually after 15/20 minutes, the region between my eyebrows starts paining, what does it mean? Please guide. Regards, Sayali Agashe. Mumbai

—Sayali Agashe, India


Dear Sayali,

What you are describing (the moving back and forth of your body) is a sign that your meditation practices are causing the kundalini energy in your astral spine to begin moving through the spine and chakras. This is a normal and good thing to happen.

If the moving or “shaking while meditating” as you describe it seems to become too violent, stop your meditation, open your eyes and look into your Guru’s eyes to ask for help and guidance. We have an Ananda Center in Mumbai. Contact the leader(s) there and ask for someone to meet with you personally and check on how you are practicing your meditation techniques. There might be some slight modification needed.

A painful sensation between your eyebrows, either during or after meditation, generally means that there is too much tension being held in your eyes and forehead during meditation. Be very careful to keep your eyes and forehead very relaxed all the time you are meditating. Let your eyes be uplifted in a natural, but never forced way.

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