Call on the Masters


During meditation I experience pure consciousness where I leave my body behind. Sometimes its a little scary because I can’t feel my chest/can’t feel myself breathe and I’m not ready to fully let go at this time. Today I let go a little more & I lost all sense of direction (up,down,left,right), everything was spinning. I tried to calm myself down but panic started to take over, my heart began to race, etc. Finally made it back to my chair but I’m in desperate need of help/guidance/a mentor!

—Sarai Baker, United States


Thank you for your question.

The first thing to check with yourself about is why are you having these out of the body experiences. If you are seeking them out in anyway or trying to make them happen, please stop. It is a very unwise practice and can have harmful consequences.  If it is happening to you spontaneously then that is a different matter.

When these experiences do happen again, it is best to refocus and pray deeply to God and Guru to help to guide you to return to your body quickly and help you not to leave it again. Invite and surround yourself with the Masters and their protection, love and light. You may need to temporarily shorten or stop your meditations for a time.

Keep your concentration and energy at the point between the eyebrows more than on phenomenon when meditating. Powers and phenomenon are a detour of energy that could be used, instead, for focus on finding God. It is a much better practice is to follow the guidelines for meditation techniques that you know. Phenomenon, you are talking about, is actually a distraction from the real purpose of meditation — which is to find our connection with God.

Pray deeply for guidance to meditate. Call on the Masters. Consciously think of the Masters being right beside you, ready to help you. Even think of Master as being inside you, his thoughts are your thoughts, he is meditating through you. Try this and you will begin to get subtle guidance that doesn’t come from outside yourself. I hope that helps you. Many Blessings.