Can a Temple Have Spiritual Power Like a Guru?


There is a certain master who went though 3 lifetimes of hardship in order to consecrate a temple called Dhyanalinga, which was the dream of many past masters. In the Dhyanalinga, the energies of all the seven chakras in the human system are raised to their very peak, and locked to prevent dissipation over time, through an intense process. This temple was created to function as a guru which would last for thousands of years. I want to know what you think about this.

—Arjun Sripada, Canada


Dear Arjun,

Yes, I have heard about that. In general, temples can have extraordinary power. Yogananda for example writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “Holy shrines at Tarakeswar and elsewhere are rightly venerated as nuclear centers of spiritual power.”

I myself know a temple which to me seems like a living guru. Its power is amazing and alive.

The master you are referring to, Sadhguru, has his feet very much on the ground. He is, as far as I understand things, absolutely authentic, and doesn’t talk about “thin air”. So was he able to infuse his inner power into that temple Dhyanalinga? I am not in a position to declare “yes” or “no,” but in principle I am sure it is possible. Many yogic things are possible which we find hard to believe. For example, a big stone statue of Kali became alive for Yogananda, moving, talking to him, blessing him, taking him into an ecstasy. So why shouldn’t a whole temple become energetically alive?

All the best,