How Can I Help My Deceased Mother?


I lost my mother suddenly before 7 months due to heart attack. She was a very pious , dutyful, religious woman ,a devotee of Lord Krishna who was very kind to all alike including animals.

I feel that a human being like her should definitely get moksha and not go through any suffering again through rebirths.

How can I know whether she attained Moksha. What can I do to help her?


—Karthika, India


Dear Karthika,

Much light to you.

It is difficult to know which stage a soul has attained. Only true Masters can see that. The fact however is that if she has lived in such a pious and beautiful way, she is now in great joy, in some wonderful high world. Her stay there is certainly extremely blessed and happy, surrounded by similar souls. And even if she should come back here, taking another birth, her good karma will bless her with favorable circumstances, which will propel her toward final freedom, moksha.

What can you do to help her? I am sure the answer she herself would give you is to do your best to be truly happy, to live a fulfilled and devoted life. That would help her as a mother.

And there is another thing which helps our relatives considerably, on the spiritual level: if we tune into God, into the Light, into the great Masters, our vibration will touch them and uplifts those close to us. The closer we get to God, the greater the blessing for them.

May you therefore grow in divine inner closeness, making it your life purpose,