Can I Pursue a Spiritual Life While Studying in School?


I am of 21, and student. I want to meditate. I just finished reading "Autobiography of a Yogi", and it has inspired me a lot in adding spiritual dimension to my life. Which meditation can i do, daily without hampering my studies ? And is it important to abandon my studies and family to seek spiritual path in my life ? Thank You..

—Pranav, Nepal


Dear Pranav,

I’m very glad to hear that you have been inspired to deepen your spiritual life. I’m also very glad to share with you that in my experience and what I believe to be true, meditation and spirituality actually enhance our studies, family, relationships, along with every other aspect of life.

As for meditation, I suggest you take Yogananda’s Energization Exercises and Hong Sau technique of concentration and practice them daily. Rely on your on experience; you will likely find that you have increased energy, mental concentration and focus, as well as happiness and peace of mind. Practice morning and night as long as you are comfortable, but do try to challenge yourself to meditate increasingly longer and deeper.

To return to my main point: the more that we open ourselves to the Divine through meditation, prayer, and right attitude, God will in turn provide limitless blessings and grace to us.

That is not to say we will be without trials, challenges, even seeming tragedies or disasters. In fact, as history has shown us with many saints it has increased their suffering. However, regardless of what your karma dictates in this lifetime, you will know this to be true by an ever-increasing sense of inner joy, of freedom and unshakable peace. It may take time, but through consistent spiritual effort and right living you will feel a Divine response in all aspects of your life.

With a deeper spiritual life and practice, I found that in my studies I would concentrate deeper, learn more and stay open to intuitive guidance and understanding. In family I found deeper bonds of Divine love and friendship running through my life and reaching out to encompass all of my life experiences.

Simply by keeping the presence of God and Guru we can often tangibly feel these qualities flowing into all aspects of our lives. I pray that you may have this experience for yourself and share it with others.

In Divine Friendship,