Can the Body Heal with Meditation?


Can meditation cure bodily diseases at most?

—Venkateswararao, India


Dear Venkateswararao,

The short answer is: yes, meditation can cure bodily disease. But how does this happen? Meditation helps us to consciously open to God’s presence. The more open we are, the more freely God’s healin­g energy can flow int­­o us.

Our ordinary awareness is bound by the senses and filtered by our past experience. We think we are only the body, and our body is not well. We seek cures on the physical level. But we actually have three bodies: the physical, the astral or energy body, and the causal or thought body. When we suffer from disease it ‘infects’ first our causal body and from there filters down through the energy body to the physical. Disease must be cured primarily at the causal and energy levels, and then it will be cured physically.

A powerful way to heal the causal and energy bodies is through meditation. Meditation practice helps us enter states of higher awareness, tuning into the Divine Presence. At this level no disease exists, and we are open to Divine healing power. If it be the Divine will for us, this power can sweep away blockages causing ill-health of body or mind. I mention divine will because sometimes an illness indicates that there is an important life lesson to learn through it. The cure will come when the lesson has been completed.

It is right to ask in meditation to be healed. In meditation it helps to visualize your body whole and well at every level of your being. Never identify with your illness as who you are. You are a soul, a perfect expression of God, vibrant and well, regardless of physical circumstances. Physical circumstances are always temporary if you understand reincarnation.

You might enjoy reading How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality which goes into depth about Yogananda’s healing techniques.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti