Can My Deceased Sister Be Reborn as My Child?


Is there any chance of a loved one’s being born in the same Family after their death? I recently lost my sister who is 23 years old. I wish she should come back to me again. Is there any chance that she will come to me as my baby.

—Sathya Gannarapu, India


Dear Sathya,

I am sorry to hear of your sister’s death. Yes, of course, it is possible she could return as your child. However, I would caution you with the universal caution to “be careful what you wish for!” There’s nothing wrong, of course, with wanting to see her again and offering yourself as a vehicle for her return. But it would be best if this also is in tune with the Divine Will. So, if you wish this to take place, pray to God (Divine Mother) that “if it is Your Will, if it is for the good of all, then I am your willing instrument that my sister may return to this earth as my child.”

You see: you do not know why she was taken from this earth. Was she spared, perhaps, some great suffering, some great trial later in life? You might ask yourself: “How will I know it is my sister who has been reborn through me?” This, should a child be born in you, may take some time (even years after the birth), and you should be calm and look for definite, objective signs of recognition. It would not be fair to that child for you to believe she is your sister who is not! Whether praying now or in raising a child, it is best if you remain calm and even-minded in order for this desire of yours to not cause any harm to anyone or negative karma. Okay?

Nayaswami Hriman