Can My Meditation Harm Someone Sitting Next to Me?


Hello! I’ve twice experienced an odd situation that I do not understand and I hope you can help me. While meditating next to my boyfriend, I felt a strong pull from my third eye chakra. Suddenly my boyfriend started burping non-stop and vomiting, feeling extremely unwell. It was as if all of his energy was sucked out of him. What happened? Am I inadvertently doing something? Thank you so much.

—Catarina, Portugal


Dear Catarina,

What an unfortunate incident to happen during meditation! Rest assured, however, that the likelihood of “cause and effect” is very slight. You were having a good experience in meditation and your partner simply got ill in that moment. Life has its strange moments, to be sure. I hope he is fine by now.

As you didn’t mention it, I assume this hasn’t happened a third time? In all my years of meditation and meditation in groups, both large and small, I have never encountered an instance even remotely similar to yours where one person’s depth of meditation adversely affected another person sitting nearby or in the same room.

For starters, it was not your intention to cause harm; for another, the very act of meditation is one of lifting your energy towards God and superconsciousness.  Your partner was also attempting to meditate. There was no mention of ill-will, anger, or upset between the two of you. So, I think you can be assured that it was just an odd and unfortunate coincidence. Okay?

Blessings up you both!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA