How Can I Focus My Third Eye?


I started meditating recently to develop my third eye. I am ornithologist. When i walk with people i do spot birds before them also at a distance. Sometime when there is specific bird that not seen for a while, which appears in front of my own eyes to observe. Is this has any connection related to the third eye? When i do close my eyes while meditating suddenly i can see a very bright beam like a spot light flashing towards the forehead head of mine. Can you please explain?

—Dhilip, Sri Lanka


Dear Dhilip,

Your experience of seeing a bright beam flashing toward your forehead in meditation may or may not be some aspect of the spiritual eye. It is fairly common, especially in new meditators, to have a variety of often temporary visual experiences as the energy moves inward and upward through the energy (or astral) spine to the spiritual eye (also referred to as the third eye). Whether or not these experiences come, the goal is always to continue meditation technique practice and not be distracted by fleeting images.

When the spiritual eye is seen, it is usually in deep meditation and accompanied by a profound sense of peace and stillness. There is a helpful description of what the spiritual eye looks like and how to see it on our website which you can read at this link: The Complete Guide to the Spiritual Eye. We see the spiritual eye with “inner” vision, unrelated to our physical visual abilities.

It is true that when we meditate we have increased calmness and concentration which we bring with us into daily life. This can improve our awareness of subtle details around us. So, yes, your meditations may improve your observational ability for birds.

Your training in Ornithology has sharpened your perception of birds and their activities beyond that available to the untrained eye. This is true for experts in every field. For instance, a trained chef is able identify each of the variety of ingredients in a sauce just with a taste. A trained meditator may experience subtleties such as the spiritual eye more readily than the novice.

We can see a similarity, also, between the advanced professional in a field and the advanced meditator. Both are committed to their endeavors, both have extensive practice, and both have usually benefited by learning from a master in their field.

I encourage you to continue meditating. The spiritual eye is the doorway to Self-realization. Seeking to experience it deeply is a noble goal. If you would like to learn more about meditation techniques as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, you might like to explore the our online lessons at Kriya Home Study Course.

Nayaswami Mukti