How Can I Use Affirmations to Have a Healthy Birth?



I am approaching the birth of my first child, I feel deeply this pregnancy is so perfect in God’s plan. Anticipation & excitement fill my headspace for the unmedicated birth I intend. I feel confident that I will be connected to the Divine during labor, however medical circumstances have placed me with a care provider that has caused some doubts to creep in. I am working on maintaining positive affirmations and outlook as I know that is key. Has Yogananda spoken of labor or birth?

—Hannah Aliya, US


Dear Hannah,

Thank you for your letter and congratulations on your pregnancy. You mention that medical circumstances may be changing your birth plan. In such a case, do pray and affirm, and even seek a second opinion. But then realize that God’s perfection also flows through special knowledge of the medical field who specialize in safe birthing. Some people may push medical intervention too quickly, but it is also good to remember that women used to die in childbirth much more frequently than they do these days.

Bring God’s Light into whatever birth scenario is safest for your baby and you. I knew a very skilled midwife who told me that it is beautiful to have a home birth (my own ideal when things are safe) but it is even nicer to have a healthy baby. Please don’t let your plans for a particular birth blind your eyes as to what is best for your baby’s health. This may well be your first selfless test of motherhood.

Surround your unborn baby in Light and healing prayer energy. You can also ask Ananda for healing prayers.

May you be deeply blessed.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry