Changing Consciousness


I am finding my life to be completely purposeless. I had seen some dreams about the future but now I have realised that those dreams are never going to be fulfilled. I am afraid that I will have to live a life which I don’t want to live and I am finding it very distressing. I can’t concentrate my mind anywhere. Whenever I start to enjoy something the fear of future strikes me. I thought meditation would provide me mental peace but even that is not happening. What should I do?

—Sukhmandeep Singh, India


All things will improve if you make the spiritual effort now. These are the paraphrased words of Sri Yukteswar from the Autobiography of a Yogi. You don’t need to be bound by your past karma, habits or tendencies!

But you must have patience and not give up. Continue to meditate and love God. If you plant a seed and continue to uproot and look at it, the plant will never grow to maturity.

In the language of your heart ask for God and Guru’s guidance and blessings on improving your efforts to find peace and happiness. The wonderful book How to Be Happy All the Time is a great resource for you to read. This is one way to fill your consciousness with thoughts on finding that joy you are longing for in all you do. Reading inspirational books is a good place to begin in changing the thoughts and habits of thinking that are now foremost in your mind.

You will be able control those thoughts and habits and change them and create new ones. Sometimes taking small steps toward new ways of being is all that is necessary. This will lead you to attract that new energy of purpose and help you to let go of the old energy holding you back. Have patience, slowly but surely you will begin to notice that the habits of unhappiness and fear will just leave you alone. Those thoughts will simply not be of use to who you have become through your vigilance and determination.

At the same time develop your devotion and love for God. Connect with him by chanting and using affirmation. This will help you to grow in your inner love and devotion for the spiritual path and your search for God.

If you give God all you are in self offering and with gratitude for all you have on the path now, your life can only improve. Trust in his love for you.

Many blessings on your efforts.