What is ascention code?My friend told me that in her pranic healing classes there’s this person who is being channelled by this great saint with a series of ascention codes.One just need to repeat those codes to achieve a hightened sense of inner conciousness. Can it be true? How does it work?

—Devika, India


Dear Devika,

Thank you for your question. On one level, nearly anything is possible. That being said, at Ananda we teach you how to call on the power of our line of avatars. The tools of transformation are part and parcel of this spiritual journey. Given the choice, I would rather follow a line of avatars than to do what you describe in your question. Some people do enjoy the various aspects of pranic healing; you could pray first for clarity and then ask them for further explanation on the point you have raised if you like.

However, if you are feeling drawn to this path my suggestion would be to call on our line of Gurus more deeply. Attune to their healing power and guidance. Below I have listed some things that are available now in India to help you to continue your growth in healing and in your spiritual development by going deeper in the Ananda path, should that be your choice.


Mary Kretzmann, Director

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry