How Do You Chant in the Chakras?


I was wondering if Yoganandaji or Swamiji ever taught chanting the bija mantras for the chakras and if so, whether there was a particular musical note associated with each chakra.

—Stephen J. Sylvester, United States


Dear Stephen,

While Yogananda did not give bija mantras (“seed” mantras) for the chakras, he did teach us the technique of chanting AUM in the chakras. There are notes associated with each chakra, given by Swami Kriyananda, as follows:

Coccyx: G (below middle C)
Sacral: A
Lumbar: B flat
Dorsal: D
Cervical: E flat
Medulla: F
Spiritual Eye: G (above middle C)

We awaken the chakras through the power of sound with the practice of chanting the sacred mantra of AUM at each individual chakra, starting with the G-note below middle C for the first chakra. Match the note you are singing with the note on the harmonium. Chant AUM, working your way up through the musical notes to the spiritual eye. Chant the sound as “OM-M-M,” especially drawing out the “m-m-m” sound at the end and letting it vibrate deep within the chakra. Repeat this practice several times up and down the spine, ending at the point between the eyebrows. Close by sitting quietly in meditation, feeling new power and energy in the astral spine and the chakras, then offering it all back to its source in Divine Spirit.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti