Concentration Technique


How to do super concentration technique? While lying down on back, the eyes should be lifted or attention at the ajna chakra (center between the eye brows) is okay? How to do? Please guide me. Thank you.

—Sunkoju Raju, India


What you are describing is correct. If you need to meditate lying down for any reason, usually physical, this is right way to think of it. Raising your energy to the third eye and putting all your attention there is is very good. As you focus all your attention you can do a simple breathing practice. Inhale to the count of 6, hold that breath to the count of 6, and then exhale, slowly, to the count of 6. If you want to learn a meditation technique, even lying down, go to this Ananda Course in Meditation Online Class that may help you, also. Many Blessings, in your efforts.