Deepening Hong-Sau


I am a beginner in meditation and desire to know as to how concentrate on spiritual eye while sit on stillness after performing hong sau. Should I do it through only gazing or only mind or only breathing? I am really confused and need your help.

—Ashok, India


This is a very good question on how to perfect the Hong Sau technique. Which does have a great power to deepen our connection with the Infinite.

Throughout the practice of this technique, look upward so as gradually to raise your consciousness. This is while practicing the Hong Sau breathing that you learned. Don’t, however, concentrate at the Christ-Consciousness center or spiritual eye until it becomes natural for you to feel the flow of the breath at that point.

Firstly, center you awareness of the breath where it enters the nasal cavity and as you become more and more identified with that breath, and not the body, you will become more and more calm. You will notice the breath less and less. Enjoy pauses between the breaths. As those pauses become more prolonged you will want to, then, focus your attention in chanting Aum (om) mentally at the Christ-Consciousness center.

So, as you sit in the stillness after Hong Sau practice you are gazing mentally upward (gently) and, at that point, in not being attached to the breath or body, the deep connection with the Infinite comes. Most of all, call on God and Guru to be with you when you begin your meditation and ask for their blessings and guidance in deepening your efforts. You will find they will help you follow, intuitively, the steps of the Hong Sau technique and it will become a natural flow. You will understand intuitively the right way to practice this powerful technique.

A great resource to read more on Hong Sau is in

Many Blessings on your efforts.