Destiny of India


For last 1000 years,my country was invaded,looted,killed.Now people shame and abuse us for being dirty and poor.My country was divided many times.Our culture is dead. India’s culture is being replaced with culture of Arabs.India has failed.Where do I find optimism?If spirituality can’t work in India,will it work elsewhere?Has God abandoned India?Will dharma ever prevail in India again?India considered world to be one home but outsiders took advantage of our open culture.Is this reward of ahimsa?

—Abhay Sanjeevan, India


Dear Abhay,

I thought I had responded to you many days ago but our administrator says it didn’t go through.

I do feel for your sorrow and anguish but despite India’s troubles, she has a great destiny still and even greater – for India has been rightly called the ‘guru of planet Earth.’

Though at this point in history India is recovering from centuries of invasion and impoverishment by ‘catching up’ in material terms, the unbroken line of rishis since ancient times and the universal and nonsectarian principles of Vedanta (Sanaatan Dharma), upholding the cosmic Dharma of creation, will continue to sustain her.

India’s greatest export has been not only its ancient teachings but also its practical and scientific science of yoga (and meditation).

Paramhansa Yogananda said that in this ascending age of Dwapara Yuga two countries especially stand out – America and India as leading humanity into a higher age of awareness by bringing together the best of the natural and material knowledge of the West with the highest teachings of God realization (moksha) of the East.

Cheer up for India’s role in history is looking up.  Even in my own lifetime of 68 years, I have seen all things of India become accepted and admired from fashion and food to Vedanta – from science to business.

The key is to tune into the these great teachings and practices and to associate with others of like mind.

“Environment is stronger than will” Yognanda would often tell us. “Solve all your problems through (kriya) yoga,” Lahiri Mahasaya counseled.

The emerging spiritual consciousness of our times is one that is active in the world: serving God through others and uniting devotion with concentration upon God or one of the aspects of superconsciousness (Peace, joy, love, etc).

Be of good cheer, my friend!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA