Did Ramana Maharishi Reach Enlightenment without a Guru?


It is said that a guru is necessary on the spiritual path. The scriptures and Paramhansa Yogananda say the very same thing. But how then, did Ramana Maharishi get enlightened without having a guru? Please give me some insight.

—Naveen Pandey, India


Dear Naveen,

Ramana Maharishi must have had a guru. His case, however, is quite unique. He came to this earth already extremely advanced. At age 16 he had a divine awakening, meaning that he was, without doubt, a highly evolved soul. His guru might have blessed him from the heavens and already had instructed him in other lives.

In other words – if the scriptures and Yogananda teach the truth, his guru must have been there. He/she, however, remained hidden in this life.

Usually, for all of us, there must be a “non-hidden” relationship with a Guru. He gives us the necessary power and grace to reach enlightenment or God-union. There has to be at least one significant physical contact with him/her, which can also be given (according to Yogananda) through a living disciple, or through a disciple of a disciple: for example during an initiation.

Increasing joy to you on your inner path,