Distractions while Meditating


Hey, I have been practicing meditation for over a year now and wanted to ask that what can I do in order to tackle with swallowing during meditation. It's the strong urge to swallow which distracts me, and when i swallow my mouth keeps getting watery, which is another distraction. I am a bit confused on how to deal with it. Peace.

—becky, india


Some of the distractions we have during meditation are just the restlessness of the ego. Eventually, that restlessness will pass. Sometimes by not giving the distraction any attention or maybe by experimenting with ways to work with it. Barring any physical problem with swallowing, you could try a couple of things. A teaspoon of oil swallowed before meditation will soothe the mouth and throat. Swallowing the oil slowly could help relax the throat which somehow is giving the muscles the sensation and need to swallow. Or maybe sipping water during the meditation will help. Give the body its due and then try to refocus again. Restlessness of the body is always a challenge when the mind and soul are trying to be inward. Don’t give up and your meditations will improve and you will come to that deep calmness and peace from within you. Many Blessings on your efforts.