Divine Guidance


I have been deeply devoted to Divine Mother for many years. I recently read a recounting of an experience another devotee had at a retreat with Divine Mother. She said Ma said something I would never expect her to say. This deeply distressed me and immediately created doubts in me. Nonetheless, my faith in Divine Mother surpasses everything, even and especially my logical understanding of this situation. The doubts persist and I am ashamed of them even as I surrender completely to my faith.

—Hannah, USA


Dear Hannah,

Our apologies to you for such a delayed response. Sometimes an inquiry slips through the cracks of our daily duties!

I am at a disadvantage for not knowing what Divine Mother said to another devotee but surely there are several layers of questions that come with that. How do we know that the devotee’s recounting is true or accurate or contains a more complete context that would help us understand the guidance given?

Nonetheless, there is a principle here, isn’t there? Divine guidance is individual (unless to a group or a nation or a spiritual family at large). Devotees journeying to the equator of equanimity in the inner spine may be told to go north if they are south of the equator (perhaps being overly grounded, emotional or dogmatic, for example) but those north of the equator are guided to go south (perhaps being overly mental, unfocused or lacking commitment). Each might argue his way is the best way, whereas, in fact, each is on his or her own path to the same goal.

The karma (and therefore the guidance) to one needing courage might be to take up arms in a righteous battle (whether literally a war, or social, economic, or legal causes). Another who inclines towards anger might be guided toward more peaceful activities such as sharing, giving and helping.

A study of the lives of saints and masters shows many examples of how individually-tailored was the guidance given: some to meditate more; others, less; some to serve more; others, less.

We must strive to accept the infinite variety of circumstances, karmas, and personalities that inhabit this vast cosmos of duality. Our ego-selves cannot truly comprehend the totality of reality with our minds through the eyes of our senses, intellect, emotions, and limited human experience.

This doesn’t mean we should abandon our common sense and reason but we should hold these (which are, by definition, limited) up to intuition (up to the soul’s superconscious knowing) for guidance. It is less important, generally, that we should understand life and more important, generally, that we should live it with calmness, purity, goodness, and devotion.

Do not be ashamed.  You simply questioned what you heard and, in fact, are seeking greater understanding. Indeed, from your note, it seems that you have found that in your heart. As you have written, surrender your doubt to the divine heart. The statements you question may or may not be true or correct or fully explained. Doesn’t matter, trust in God’s goodness and seek it in your own life.

May the light of divine love shine upon you,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA