Do Astral Beings Eat and Discharge Waste?


Hello, from what I read in self-realization teachings, the physical body is an exact replica of the astral body. So if the physical body has a stomach and intestines, to digest and discharge waste, that means the astral body must also have an astral stomach, intestines to digest and discharge waste from the astral body. So does that mean that people in the astral world also eat and discharge waste like here in the physical world?

—Frank, USA


Dear Frank,

Yes, Sri Yukteswar explains in Autobiography of a Yogi (specifically Chapter 43, “The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar”) that the astral body is the “exact counterpart” of the physical body. He also says that the astral beings eat “luminous raylike vegetables.” The waste from it must, then, be pure light as well. Everything in the astral universe is made of light and energy. Light enters the body and light exits from it.

Tastes, by the way, are delicious there, and astral beings can taste with all their senses, plus with the skin. Sounds quite inviting, doesn’t it?

Joy to you