Do We Leave the Body When We Open the Third Eye?


What happens after we open our third eye in meditation? Does our spirit leave the body?

—Pragati Panwar, India


Dear Pragati,

Yogananda advised that we learn to live with our attention focused at the spiritual eye, also known as the third eye, at all times. The spiritual eye which is the sixth chakra — located at the point between the eyebrows — is the seat of spiritual awakening where enlightenment occurs. We learn to send our consciousness and energy into the infinite through the spiritual eye, uniting our little ‘self’ with the great Self.

We do not leave the body, however, unless it is our time to go. We have many God-given lessons to learn, as well as desires and attachments which keep us bound to this life. Learning to consciously enter the spiritual eye during our practices prepares us to be able to leave the body via the spiritual eye when it is our time. This is known as dying consciously.

Physical death is only leaving the physical body. Our astral and causal bodies remain with us and come with us into our next incarnation. It is important to leave this life with as high a level of consciousness as possible that we may bring that high consciousness into our next life and continue our race to the Infinite. Each time we connect with the Divine through our spiritual eye, our doorway to the Infinite, we strengthen our ability to do so and eventually we may sustain this connection at our time of death. You might appreciate reading this Complete Guide to the Spiritual Eye on our website.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti