Does Black Magic Still Exist?


Is there any existence of black magic? Will this affect the human body? In India I see a lot of instances where people believe that black magic still exists. My family is also one of its believers. If the doctors do the tests and are not able to identify the disease, people think that it’s black magic which is preventing them from finding the disease. Can people die if someone does black magic on them? If this belief is not true, what can we do for this society to bring that awareness?

—Sathya Krishna Gannarapu, India


Dear Sathya Krishna,

Black magic does still exist but is very uncommon. If a disease is not identified, it’s extremely unlikely that it has been caused by a black magician. This is superstition in almost all cases.

Black magic means using certain techniques to invoke dark energies, black forces, and demonic presences to harm others. This process usually begins by creating fear in the other person. Yes, it could potentially kill a person with weak willpower. But I repeat, such things are exceedingly rare.

What can we do to cancel the superstitious belief that some magic has been used, whenever a misfortune hits, or an illness, or a death? It’s hard to change these mindsets. People simply believe in the weirdest things and are convinced of the strangest theories, passionately defending their completely irrational convictions. The human mind is so skillful in its ignorance and foolishness. What can we do? Rational argument usually doesn’t help much. I’d say, all you can do is accept people’s right to think whatever they want, as long as they don’t harm anyone. God has given each soul free thought and free will. Just make sure that your own thoughts are guided by wisdom, truth, and enlightened teachings. That is Gyana Yoga.

All the best,