Does Having Many Visitors in My Home Affect the Energy of My Family?


Does having many visitors in my home often affect the energy of my home and family?

—Karishma , Trinidad and Tobago


Dear Karishma,

In the home we seek to elevate the vibration through our own actions and also to invite in higher energy influences. So it depends on the energy level of the visitors as to  whether or not they uplift the vibration of your home.

I suggest inviting people into your home whom you feel a compatibility with, whom you feel an uplifting energy from, and at times when you are able to give them time and attention. Having many visitors that express a variety of levels of consciousness, and who you do not feel a strong connection with, can definitely dilute the vibration you are trying to create. It can scatter your own energy. Give your energy and attention first to your family, and from there, to those with whom you feel a strong connection.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti