Does Kriya Yoga Lead to Astral Travels?


Does Kriya Yoga lead to astral travels? What does spirituality say about astral projection and a multiple universe?

—Dimonsumy, Nepal


Dear Dimonsumy,
The world, according to the ancient spiritual teachings, is composed of three layers: physical, astral, causal. Within them lives the Eternal Essence, called God. That is the “multiple universe” of the yogis.

In Kriya Yoga we try to pull back from all layers and go directly to the Great Essence, which yogis call satchidananda (ever existing, ever conscious, ever new bliss).

Astral travel, and astral happiness, is just another distraction. Suffering doesn’t stop on the astral level. It’s best to focus on the great goal, God.

Yogananda told a story about a man who had an appointment with the King. He arrived in time, but got so fascinated with the amazing gardens that he got side-tracked. When he remembered his appointment, the castle doors were closing, and the King said: “It’s too bad, if you had come in time, you would have been able to enjoy the much greater splendours of the castle, plus the gardens which I personally would have shown you.”

In short: it’s better to concentrate on “the King”. That’s what Kriya Yoga does.

Joy to you, all the best,