Does Mahavatar Babaji Know Me and My Thoughts about Him?


Does the great Mahavatar Babaji know me and my nature completely? Does he hear and know everything that I say about him verbally or in my thoughts? I just want to see a glimpse of the greatest Babaji, that’s why I am asking such childish questions.

—Vanshaj Upadhayay, India


Dear Vanshaj,
Your questions are not childish, but deeply devotional.

Yes, Babaji knows you completely, inside out, each one of your thoughts, every word you say, every action you perform. His state of awareness is much vaster than we can even imagine with our little brains. As you read in the Autobiography of a Yogi:

“Babaji’s spiritual state is beyond human comprehension,” Sri Yukteswar explained to me. “The dwarfed vision of men cannot pierce to his transcendental star. One attempts in vain even to picture the avatar’s attainment. It is inconceivable.”

Just imagine: you only need to sincerely and reverently utter his name and instantly you attract his spiritual blessing (as you read in the Autobiography of a Yogi). It doesn’t matter if you live in India, in Italy, in America, or on a distant star. He is there with his consciousness and will send you his blessing. Babaji’s consciousness has no limits.

To get a glimpse of Babaji, deeply and regularly meditate on the spiritual eye, calling him there with a receptive heart. If you persist, he might reveal himself to you either in physical form or as his infinite and formless Spirit.

May he bless you,