Does the Materializing Effect of My Will End When I Lose My Will, Stopping My Meditation?


Sorry to ask this type of question: it is not spiritual, but about will power. If I use will power to make my brother handsome and cute (it is his desire and fulfilling others desire is good use of will power, I think), will it be gone if I lose my will power, when stopping meditation? Sorry to ask this type of question, but I also have a spiritual question to ask: I can see a white dot in my forehead, with blue. How much time would it take to let it become a fully developed third eye?

—Godseeker, India


Dear Godseeker,

If I understand your question correctly, it is this: “If I use willpower in meditation to make the appearance of my brother more beautiful, will that beauty disappear once I don’t apply my willpower and meditation anymore?”

Willpower and visualisation indeed have manifesting power. I don’t know how developed yours is, if you can indeed manifest a more handsome brother. At any rate, such powers of “manifestation” should never be applied just because of desire (your brother’s desire to be cute; you desire to help your brother). Instead, always be a true “Godseeker” who asks: is this Your will, my God? Is this truly a divinely-inspired action? Being cute could end up not being at all helpful for your brother. It might take him in a wrong direction, for example. So your will must become strong but must always be placed in humble attunement and alignment with the will of God.

For the second question: it is wonderful that you see the white dot in your forehead and the blue color. How long will it take to see the whole spiritual eye? This depends on your daily effort and karma. It can’t be foretold. And here too: the “achievement” of seeing the spiritual eye might not be the way God wants to come to you. It is much better to meditate without the desire for any result. In meditation let come whatever God sends you: a feeling, a quality, maybe wisdom, or, if He wishes, the full spiritual eye.

All the best, remain a lifelong God-seeker,