Meaning of Burning Cross in a Dream


Can you tell me what it means to dream that on a very populated street that I was to meet my husband on I see a blazing fire approaching with speed inside the wild fire is a huge image of an orthodox cross of Jesus crucified. It approached us very quickly then I grabbed my husband’s hand to escape and we found an underground Tunney that got us to safety but there were all kinds of esoteric meetings and people there? I am a Kriya meditator.

—Nancy Hallman, Usa


Dear Nancy,

It seems to me that you are experiencing escaping from orthodox teachings such as or symbolized by hellfire. As you are a kriyaban, the tunnel could represent escaping into the spine or at least the “underground culture” that is unorthodox but safe from the burning cross of dogmatism or hellfire is to be found.

I don’t know your past in re orthodox Christian teachings but I’d guess you’ve been exposed (if not “burned”) by dogmatism.

Does this make sense to you?


Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA USA