Dreaming of a Calm Ocean


Respected Sir/Madame, I saw an ocean in my dream yesterday. Waves were calm and steady. Is it a spiritual indication? If so, what does it indicate?

—Niraj, India


Dear Niraj,

Paramhansa Yogananda did mention the meaning of dreams about the ocean: “Whenever you dream calmly of the ocean or vast waters…then know that the time for your spiritual development is near to the working out of the effects of pre-natal or post-natal bad actions (karma), by the power of right living in this life.”

He also said that dreaming of light and the ocean represents vast perceptions of self-realization in meditation.

So yes, it seems that your may indicate important spiritual progress for you. Do you meditate regularly? If not, you would be wise to begin a regular practice right away! If you would like to learn Yogananda’s techniques of meditation, we would be glad to assist you. Please see this website for more information on how to do that: www.anandaindia.org