During Meditation I Feel a Cool Flow of Energy


Questions in Kriya practice: 1) Most of the time after the invocation of the gurus, I feel a cold stream flowing from the crown and hitting me at the point where the pineal gland is located. Though I gaze at the spiritual eye, avoiding that sensation, still that sensation is exaggerated with time even though I am gazing at the spiritual eye and so my gaze starts to shift to the pineal gland and the flow becomes more and more intense.

2) Even with hong sau in spine I experienced the astral breath also hitting the pineal gland area. Please guide me.

—Vivek, India


Dear Vivek,

There are an infinite variety of astral phenomenon that can occur during meditation. The most useful response to these things is to remain calm and centered in your meditation efforts, absorbing into the experience whatever comes to you on its own.

Learn the mantra: both-and! Imagine achieving moksha (liberation): becoming One with the Infinite Spirit! All phenomenon are contained in the Infinite. Thus while you are meditating, continue your practice with devotion and allow these things simply to be part of your meditation

As it says in the Bible, “Look neither left nor right” but remain centered within. Or as the Gita says, “Be like the capacious ocean into which all rivers flow.”

Most of these astral experiences contain no distinct message nor do they necessarily presage satori, enlightenment, or cosmic consciousness. If they do, well (humorously) “why complain?!”

It is true that if during meditation practice, one is uplifted into superconsciousness, one should put aside one’s practice or technique. Nonetheless, you are not saying this is what is happening to you.

So for now, simply remain “present” with the experience. Also, as Jesus Christ tells us, “Test the spirits to see of what they are made of.” This means that so long as the “I” is observing such things (as in the stage of dharana) be sensitive to their vibrations. If ever you feel in any way threatened, you should cease what you are doing.

If instead you feel uplifted then give yourself into the experience with heart and mind, with devotion and self-offering.

Mostly these things simply appear; they come and they go. For most meditators their “significance” is only to (as Patanjali suggests in the Yoga Sutras) offer us a focal point for meditation. In this way we sharpen our sensitivity to the astral realm and thus gradually refine our own consciousness.

From my remarks above you can conclude that you must sensitively test these things to see what, if any meaning, is to be found in them. By remaining focused on your meditation practice you will be able to know for sure. Okay?

Blessings and joy to you!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA