Evil Entities


Fourteen years ago I went to master to awakening my koundalini but he received my demons. 3 years ago I went to magicians to catch the demons but they send another demons. These demons block my energy and control all of my body and annoyed me a lot. Now I have found a site "free earth healing energy"a Japanese research has made advice to send energy. If it is no problem would you plz study this site and give me your idea. If you have another suggestion I can accept.

—Farokh legha, iran


Dear Farokh,

Your note didn’t provide the internet address for the site in Japan. But, never mind, because what we would recommend is that you rise above the lower entities of demons and magicians or any other outside psychic source and re-direct your attention to God and the masters who are one with God.

Don’t seek powers such as kundalini rising; rather, seek to know the love of God and to return that love to Him as the source of all good.

Allah ho akbar! Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is ONE. Ekam sat (All is One). Tat twam asi (Thou art That).

God alone is the truth behind all seeming. As Krishna in the Gita says, “Those who worship the lesser gods, go to them. But those who worship Me (as the One God of All), come to Me.” (He wasn’t speaking as a person but in the name of God.)

So go to God alone. His gifts which include powers over material nature are only temptations. It sounds like you know how to meditate? Or, perhaps find a simple and suitable meditation technique and prayers? Yogananda wrote a book of prayers called WHISPERS FROM ETERNITY. Ananda in India (www.AnandaIndia.org and Ananda.org worldwide) offer online meditation courses.

Be of good cheer! In God nothing and no one can harm you! Lastly, chant OM TAT SAT as a mantra for spiritual and psychic protection.

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle USA