Recently, I have been very interested on the subject of evolution (in terms of physical transmutations and speciation) and have thoroughly investigated the claims of both materialistic science and religious advocates. However, when it comes to HUMAN evolution, there are about as many different theories as there are people. The Vedic perspective seems to broadly agree with Darwinian evolution, but Yogananda has stated that humans were an act of special creation. Whence and how did humans emerge?

—Nirmal Vadgama, UK


Dear Nirmal,

I don’t think anyone can answer the question of how humans emerged, since this was a creation of God. It is part of God’s plan that all souls work their way back to oneness with Him. After the souls have evolved through the mineral, vegetable, and animal level they come into human birth. Humans were designed by God to have a nervous system capable of fully realizing oneness with God.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Anandi