Excess Tension in the Body and at the Third Eye


I have a lot of pressure between my eyes in my 3rd eye, but it feels like strong pressure not physical pressure. And tension in my legs and cannot relax or sleep without medications at night. And I see blue in the 3rd eye and also have racing thoughts and hot flushes as well.

—Julian Gerard O'Donnell, Australia


Dear Julian,

The problems you describe could all be related to excess tension in the body and mind. I suggest that you try relaxation techniques and meditation practice to help with these concerns. In relaxation we withdraw the energy inward and upward, from the surface of the body up to the spiritual eye, the point between the eyebrows or third eye. In meditation we concentrate that energy with relaxed, focused attention on inner peace or another divine quality. To get the most benefit from relaxation and meditation, it is good to learn some techniques and receive guidance.

The original purpose of hatha yoga postures was to help relax the body in preparation for meditation. Ananda Yoga, the style of hatha yoga taught at Ananda, is meant for this purpose. Some other hatha yoga traditions are quite physical and not as relaxing. Here is an Ananda Yoga 20-minute routine that we have posted on YouTube. It includes a deep relaxation at the end which I think you will find very helpful.

Once your body is relaxed, meditation practice will help with quieting the restless thoughts and accessing higher awareness. You might like to look at our “Learn to Meditate” resources. Please go to www.ananda.org and scroll down the home page to the free Learn to Meditate email series. Also, our online course Ananda Course in Meditation is a 10-week series of classes which include guided meditations and instructor support for establishing a strong meditation practice.

I hope you will take advantage of these resources. Solving your problem of excess tension could open the door to renewed peace and joy in your life.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti