Fate and the Karma of Nations


What is the karma and future of China? Has Guruji said anything about it? What about India? Why is India so hated all over the world? And what is the point of spirituality when India, the land of spirituality is so poor and hated, while countries like the UK, which exploited so many innocent people are rich and respected? Is it time for India to choose the sword over God? How much bullying, hate, and abuse are we expected to tolerate?

—Ravi Kumar Singh, India


Dear Ravi,

To my knowledge, Guruji did not say much about the fate of China. He always, however, affirmed a positive future for India even if for a time, India would need to “catch-up” in material efficiency to the West for the sake of its people and its own self-respect. This “catch-up” would naturally tend to dilute its spiritual legacy but is necessary to balance the poverty and lack of the past.

I am not sure why you state that “India is hated all over the world.” I have traveled to many countries I have never encountered that. Yes, there are some people who are prejudiced against people of color but I can tell you that in Europe and America, India (and its culture, cuisine, fashion, leaders, spirituality, business, and technology prowess) are highly respected. Indeed, this growing awareness and respect is something that has been steadily increasing during my lifetime these past 50 to 60 years.

Yes, India, Pakistan, and China have their issues with one another, for sure. Especially with Pakistan, but that is not the entire world by any stretch – and that moreover, is more on a political level than a personal one.

Britain is not considered “rich” by Western standards. It lost its empire with the independence of India and since that time, its material fortunes have declined considerably from its past status as a world empire. It’s not poor by say, African or Indian village standards but neither is it rich.

Guruji, in fact, predicted that Britain would suffer materially as a result of its conquests and treatment of other nations. But consider also that in the big picture of the world’s history, Britain gave to the world and to India its language, culture, and concepts of freedom, democracy, and fairness. It no more has perfected those than any other nation but it united India, developed essential communication and institutional infrastructure and helped catapult India into the 20th century. Its karma, therefore, cannot be 100% negative.

China, by contrast (and Russia) reportedly murdered some 100 million of its own people in the establishment and maintenance of its communist ideologies. You can be sure there’s unfinished national karma for that!

Both Gandhi and Guruji have pleaded with India’s people and leaders NOT to follow the example of the West using guns and bombs to establish its rightful place among the nations of the world. India is a great nation and it is great because of its spiritual ideals, saints, and avatars. NO! India must show the world how to accomplish justice and equality and freedom through peaceful means. This is its dharma.

Whether it can resist the temptations to use weapons, I cannot say, but I certainly hope that India will show the world how to live in a new way and in a new and connected world. Live with harmony with all life, all creatures and life forms, and with one another in tune with the Divine “President” of the World!

Do not hate but join the movement with Gandhi’s slogan: “Be the Change You Seek” in the world. Be a peaceful warrior and show the transforming power of God’s love, of God’s informing intelligence, and God’s power!

Blessings to you.

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA