Feelings of Pressure and Electric Shock When Meditating


When I meditate I often experience pressure at my 3rd eye and simultaneously what feels almost like a weak electric shock throughout my body, is this prana? It is intermittent throughout my meditation session. Thank you for your answer.

—Patti Pratt, United States


Dear Patti,

What you are describing does sound like prana moving through your energy or astral body (the weak electric shock). This is normal and shouldn’t be a concern, unless it becomes uncomfortable or painful for you. If so, write again and we will try to offer some solutions for what is happening.

The pressure at your 3rd eye is normal. It just means that your 6th chakra is being stimulated and awakened, which is a good thing! However, if it is any way uncomfortable, it is probably because you are putting tension there, while trying to look or concentrate at that point. Be sure to keep your eyes completely relaxed, also your forehead and brow. Don’t knit your eyebrows together. Keep your eyes level or perhaps looking slightly upward, as though you are looking at a beacon of light at the top of a mountain in the distance. Remember that the more you relax your eyes, the more your eyes will automatically go to the spiritual eye area, with no pressure or discomfort at all.

Always remember to pray for guidance and assistance from God and your Guru at the beginning of your meditation and while you are meditating also.