Financial Issues and Needs


I am facing just problems in my life -- financial ones. There’s no money to even buy medicine for my wife. Waiting for salary for that. Expenses more, salary less. Daughter’s college fee? Should I commit suicide so that my family gets the insurance amount?

—Himanshu, India


Dear Friend,

Suicide is never a solution to life’s problems! In fact, it creates problems such as grief, regret, guilt and the lifetime loss of the presence, support and loving friendship of a spouse, parent, family member and/or friend. Spiritually speaking, suicide is a denial of the most precious gift there is: life and consciousness. Although the karmic consequences of any given act vary widely according to motivation and consciousness, suicide is considered a spiritual crime.

You use the phrase “waiting for salary.” Why wait? What can you do to earn a bit more money: first and foremost, for your wife’s medicine. College is not as important as medicine if needed for health and well-being.

Money comes into one’s life as a result of energy poured out into creative, focused, intelligent and high minded activities. If you ask God and life: “How may I serve You?” If you fulfil your duties with joy, intelligence, goodwill, and as an act of devotion, you will attract to yourself the grace and power of manifestation. Act without desire for the results and you will perform all action with non-attachment. The fruit of such actions is to attract to yourself what is right and needful.

What is before you today comes from actions in the past. What you DO today can change the future. So put out intelligent, creative and God-reminding actions and then leave the results to the grace and power of God. Do your best but let God do the rest.

Every other person, including your wife and your daughter, also have their own tests and karma to overcome. You do your best and invite them, too, do so also and whatever happens will be for the best! It cannot fail. Be of good cheer.

Sincerely and with blessings and joy,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA