Finding Employment


Guruji,I have been unemployed since 2014. I have tried everything but failed. Please tell me if I can find a job soon.

—mohan, india


Dear Mohan,

When, in spite of one’s focused and continuing efforts, one has not yet found a suitable job, you can know that you are faced with a karmic test. The best way to meet a spiritual test is with calmness, even-mindedness, and energy.

That job could exist right NOW and come to you TODAY! You mustn’t give up. There’s just some old past karmic block preventing that job from appearing in your life. Here are some suggestions:

1. Find a friend, neighbor, relative or associate who has been successful in his or her life. Meet with that person and ask, “What is the secret of your success?” If possible, spend some time with this person, even if for now, you volunteer (unpaid) to act as an assistant or even just be around this person. Don’t just “hang around,” but be useful to this person. Let your admiration be converted to being serviceful and useful.

2. Whether the person described above or another person whom you trust and feel comfortable with ask, “What can I do to be more magnetic when I go for a job interview?” Is it your appearance, clothing, mannerisms, speech, or do you need to further your education or obtain special skills?

3. Look for opportunities in your home, neighborhood, temple, or local community to serve the needs of others. It doesn’t matter for now if you are paid but GET OUT THERE – be seen and be helpful. You don’t necessarily need to tell everyone you are looking for a job: just roll up your sleeves and help out: kitchen, outside, cleaning up, tutoring a child or young person….it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t have to be in an area of your skill or training. By putting out energy to be helpful, you create a magnetic aura of industriousness, willingness, joy, and creativity that cannot but help attract to you what you need at this time in your life. Maybe it attracts a job but maybe a friendship; maybe inspiration. It doesn’t matter. Be non-attached to what you do and non-attached to the results. Just serve joyfully whatever need you see around you.

4. Avoid speaking negatively, whether about your need for a job or about people, weather, sports, politics, religion, doesn’t matter. BE POSITIVE!

5. Meditate each day: call on God, Divine Mother or guru to help you be still and silent. Make contact each day with the SOURCE of happiness and abundant joy. Offer your self in service to that JOY. Be a beacon of joy and selfless service in daily life.

During the economic depression of the 1930s in America, Yogananda declared that “If I needed a job, I would shake the world to find it!” So live with positive faith and energy. Be the Hanuman of your neighborhood and the Rama of abundance will surely come to you!

Blessings and Joy!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA