Finding the Inner Perfection in Unrequited Love


I want to know how do I deal with one-sided love? There is this person who I love a lot but my feelings have not been reciprocated and now I got this news that he is in a relationship with some other girl. Now I am very deeply hurt and I have started having negative emotions towards this person. How do I deal with this situation and how can I let go of this person?

—Anvi, India


Dear Anvi,

I am so sorry to hear about the difficulty you have had. It is best to approach this trial of unrequited love with acceptance and lots of courage! Although it is a challenge.

The best way to let go of your dislike for this person is to pray for her. When thoughts come of the dislike you have in your heart, offer a prayer of forgiveness and send love and light around the whole situation.

This is a great opportunity for spiritual growth to overcome a thought pattern that is not the best for you to hold onto anyway. Instead, embrace with acceptance, this disturbance that has come to you. It is a very “natural” reaction you are having but in the end it will affect you, personally, with negativity even more than the person you have the dislike toward.

As soon as you can let go of this reaction, the sooner you will attract a true relationship. First, seek that perfection you want in a relationship in your inner self. The more you depend on outer circumstances to give you that perfection, the more you will find disappointment. Seeking that perfection inwardly will guide your inner growth.

In the language of your heart after you meditate, ask for God’s blessings and guidance for the highest good in your life. God will understand and help you.

Many Blessings on your efforts!