How Do You Find Time For Sadhana?


I would like to do my spiritual practice consistently for a certain amount of time daily (I do indeed already do it daily but there are some problems which hinder the amount of time and quality of it) and being able to do it unguided consistently

1. Sometimes I have lot of study so the three choices of loss I have are (could be a little bit of each)

-> Sadhana

-> Study

-> Sleep but if I forsake sleep it forsakes spiritual practice as well since it makes it sleepy

—Ansh, Canada


Dear Ansh,

Your problem is a common one given how busy and complex our lives have become. Regular daily spiritual practice makes everything more manageable and helps us focus on what is truly important and tune out distractions. I am assuming you include meditation in your sadhana. Meditation gives energy, improves concentration, and facilitates calmness. All of these help us serve from the highest place. Consider meditation an essential practice that will make it possible to handle all of your other commitments well. Yogananda said “God is simple. Everything else is complex.”

What is most important is depth and regularity of practice rather than putting in a length of time. Try meditating first thing in the morning before you get involved in the day’s activities. Don’t check the phone or computer before you meditate! Have a place to meditate where you are free of distractions and can set up a little altar with items which are spiritually inspiring.

It is most helpful to use a meditation technique. If you do not have one you can learn the basic Hong Sau practice that Yogananda taught at this free Learn to Meditate Mini-Course. Make you length of practice something that works for you. It is fine if it is just 15-20 minutes of meditation. Make a commitment that you simply won’t start your day without meditation!

If you find you can add another meditation time to your day, meditating just before bed is a great time. Now you can offer all that was your day into God’s care, releasing any busyness or worries. Possibly your evening meditation is shorter, such as 10 minutes, but it will still be a powerful way to lift your consciousness prior to sleep.

I think you will find your days become much more calm and uplifting because you have anchored your consciousness in divine Peace. You might find you get more done with less anxiety.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti