Forgiveness and Healing


I am having problems forgiving and letting go of my 'ex.'

—Herbert, usa


It is a difficult situation to forgive and let go of past disappointments or betrayal especially with an ex-spouse.

As much as you feel you are able, begin to send light and love to surround your ‘ex’ and the difficult situation. Do that as often as the negative situation comes to mind. This may not be easy at first and may seem impossible to feel it in your heart. It may be a hard thing to have the sincerity but the effort will begin to change you inwardly. The effort will refocus your energy.

See this as a gift from Divine Mother to expand the love of your heart unconditionally and then be able to give that love to everyone. By holding on to this hurt, you shut yourself off from the grace and blessings that the Infinite wants to give you so that you can heal. It is also important that if anything in the situation with your ‘ex’ needs you to be forgiving of yourself, be sure to do that too.

Assume that your ‘ex’ did the best they were capable of doing. As extreme as this sounds, it may help to recall one of the greatest examples in the history of forgiveness. “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”  This example helps us to see that we are capable of forgiveness no matter how difficult.

After meditation, sit quietly for a time. Then concentrate at the point between the eyebrows and mentally repeat, “Divine Mother we came together in love.  Teach us now to part with love and understanding.” Ask Divine Mother in the language of your heart to guide you and help you.  Many Blessings.