Gazing at an Aghori Yogi’s Eyes, I Received a Lasting Feeling of Terror. What To Do?


I am hoping to learn more about psychic or spiritual attack. I was exposed to an international, wealthy Aghori from an established lineage in Varanasi who stared into my eyes and caused me lasting feelings of terror and weakness. Prior to meeting this man I had experienced a high level of "spiritual magnetism" throughout my life. Can "spiritual magnetism" be destroyed and if so, how can it be regained? Thank you.

—Nicole , USA


Dear Nicole,

Yes, these Aghori yogis can be scary. Did it happen in 2019, when all the naga-babas etc. came to Varanasi, sitting in tents? In that case, I was there too.

For the future: the eyes are a powerful instrument of exchanging inner energy, good or bad. The hands are too. Try never to look into bad people’s eyes, including yogis whose eyes are not conveying goodness. Even in everyday life, if you have to speak with negative people, look into their spiritual eye. They won’t notice. Avoid shaking hands if possible.

For your situation: try to take the experience as a God-given one which intends to teach you to become strong, or stronger.

Most importantly, don’t worry. Your soul is stronger than all this, especially if you inwardly connect with God.

You had a “spiritual magnetism,” but it was still too weak. Now you are being called to become an inner warrior. Nothing can harm your invincible soul. This yogi shattered something in you, but it is superficial. He can’t touch your changeless and divine soul.

That shattered part needs to regain strength and confidence — healing. The best method is to meditate, trying consciously to feel your divine, smiling, invincible soul. If you can’t meditate in this moment, then pray. God’s grace stands supreme.

Other practices can help you overcome this terror and weakness. A great one is affirmation. Choose one and repeat it over and over. Again, it is not your soul which has been harmed but a more superficial level of the mind.

Here is an affirmation by Yogananda:

I know that each seeming difficulty
is but a call to release the power
which I already possess,
and that with each release of power
I grow stronger and wiser.

Or try this, by Swami Kriyananda:

I live in the fortress of God’s inner presence. Nothing and no one can break through these walls and harm me.

You can also learn to pull power from the universe through your medulla oblongata. This is what Yogananda teaches. I’d suggest you learn the 20-body part recharging, sending a powerful energy from the medulla oblongata to your body. It will help you to feel strong and connected to the universal power. It is in the middle of Yogananda’s Energisation Exercises. Remember to inwardly send a strong flow of energy with willpower along with the tension.

Another mighty trick for your healing is to connect inwardly to a true guru, or any great true saint who attracts you. He or she will secretly infuse you with light and positive energy. He (or she) is, according to Yogananda, will act like a spiritual “bodyguard” if you keep him (or her) close to you, inwardly.

All the best to you. Take it, as I said above, as a positive lesson in God’s school. As Yogananda put it: “It is only to the wise and the strong that great tests come, and it is to them that greater power is given.”