Gazing at the Spiritual Eye


I can’t gaze at the spiritual eye. Imagining a mountain or gazing at thumb did not work for me.

—Tushar, India


This a very good question and asked by many devotees and always the answers are individual. It is always good to begin, in any endeavor, where you are ‘at’ and with what does work for you. There are so many ways to focus your attention and gaze to meditate. It may just take time for you to find what way will help you. What comes naturally to you? Of course, if you are tense about where to focus your upward gaze you really won’t be meditating at all.

Remember, as you begin meditating, to check the body for any tension then inhale for the count of 12, hold the breath for the count of 12 and then exhale for the count of 12 doing this several times will help release any physical tension.

For mental relaxation, focus your attention in the heart. Imagine a pure, white light. Visualize that light flowing outward in rays of love and harmony. You will find yourself absorb in that light and then meditation will come with ease. Your gaze will naturally then be directed in this light flowing outward and upward.

Always begin your meditation by inviting God to be with you and offer all your efforts to Him. He will guide you thru your intuition in refining your meditation. In self-offering give everything to Him.

Many Blessings on your efforts!