God Wants to Help Us


Is our trust in God always justified? What if he makes things happen that we never wished or hoped for?

—Vernika gupta, India


If we see all that comes to us as coming from God, we can realize how much God wants to help us. We make our own choices by the misuse of our own free will. What comes is karma. Swami Kriyananda once said, “Great Masters have said that everything is determined by karma. Everything!” Also, Paramhansa Yogananda said, “God is not a creature of whims! It may look like that way sometimes, to people who cannot see the causal influence of past karma. But why would God go against His own law?”

God becomes very concerned for any soul that is lost and sends spiritual aid to help that soul back to a virtuous life. He helps souls to reincarnate in places and with circumstances so they can work out their karma and liberate their souls by meditation and wisdom. There is a Divine Plan that is especially chose for us. But He will be there if we ask Him to help.

Try to have gratitude for all that comes to you. Always invite God to guide and bless you especially after you meditate. You will feel his blessings in your heart and through intuition you will find understanding and acceptance for everything that happens in your life.

Karma and Reincarnation The Wisdom of Yogananda is a great resource for you.  www.crystalclarity.com

Many Blessings on your efforts toward God.