God’s Role in Human Affairs


Are spiritual gurus like babaji helping mankind in reducing corruption.What role they play in such cases? So many people are tortured in Kashmir and it has became a highly dangerous place to live.Is god turning a deaf ear to the plights of people there?

—PVss, India


Dear Friend,

Babaji is consider a maha-avatar: one who works with other avatars and saints to guide the affairs of men and of the world’s evolution. Divine intervention is all too often hidden behind what appears to be, usually, natural events and the inclinations and karma of individuals and groups.

As an example: Paramhansa Yogananda stated that he, or perhaps it was Babaji, put into the mind of Adolph Hitler to betray his treaty with Russia and invade Russia during World War II. By “using” the dictator’s own ambitions to conquer and rule, a second war front was opened which, in time, divided Hiter’s forces into two, thus setting the stage for his later defeat.

I just completed reading a chronicle of India’s independence and partition, including the events which precipitated the initial struggles in Kashmir.

The events and circumstances in the modern history of Kashmir are extremely complex, indicative of karma that is not easily unraveled.

The divine will does not interfere with human karma whimsically or arbitrarily. In the Kashmir situation, similar to Israel and the PLO (Arab Palestine), the karma there is so entangled that positive changes will only come after much suffering and only step by step: mostly as the desire for peace and harmony begin to outweigh ignorance and hatred.

There is no magic or miraculous solution to political situations like these. There is no one leader, for example, with the power, the vision and the courage to offer even his life for peace (as Gandhi was).

Do not despair and imagine God does not care. But God will not intervene except through willing, human “instruments.” With such grand complexities of karma — individual, communal, religious, and political — it’s going to be a while before the dawn of a solution rises.

Pray that a true “son of God” appear on the scene to inspire waring factions to seek peace and harmony.

Never forget that this world is a nest of troubles and that war and peace will vie as eternal rivals for supremacy in the vale of tears called “Earth.”

Krishna says, “Get away from my ocean of suffering and delusion.” Do what you can by prayer and otherwise to bring “Spirit into manifestation” through joy, devotion, selfless service, but this is not YOUR world. It is God’s dream. Only by uniting our daily dream with the divine dream can we pierce its veil and then truly become a peacemaker.

Joy to you,

Nayaswami Hriman