Why Is There Suffering in God’s Dream?


If I ask you what would you like to dream you will tell me everything which is uplifting spiritually and gives you joy and bliss.According to Guruji this world is dream and we are made in the image of GOD than why GOD must be watching dream where its War,Terrorist attacks,Humilations,Quarrels,Legal battles,Sicjness,Poverty etc that too Yuga after Yuga.If we by chance at night dream even once we will not think of it and try to forget.One is paying karma debt and wittness suffer mental agony?

—Bhushan, India


Dear Bhushan,

Yes, we are all part of God’s dream, even the wars, sickness and poverty. And in yuga after yuga we learn a few lessons and try not to repeat our mistakes. God keeps the dream going, so it has been said, for our education and entertainment.

If everything in this world were perfect, would we want to seek God?

If you watch a movie where everything is perfect from beginning to end, will that capture your attention? Probably not. But, if you see a story where there are challenges and conflicts to be overcome, don’t you think, “Oh, what a good story!”

The darkness makes the light brighter when we see it. It’s not necessary to let the darkness in life overcome us – it’s much more important to look for the good in things and situations, and take up the challenge to fight the darkness by making the light larger for all. Be a warrior for the light!

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Sadhana Devi