Golden Light Around a Meditator


Me and my brother have been on a spiritual path over the last 4 years but a few days ago when I saw brother meditating, I saw a golden ray coming to his crown and also saw a golden ray radiating around his aura that was approximately 4-5 inches in size. I also felt a strong vibration in the room. I also noticed changes in his behavior. He is more calm, more devoted, and more balanced. He has been doing meditation daily. I want to know what is the golden light entering his crown and surrounding his aura?

—Uma, India


Dear Uma,

You might be interested to know that Western artists throughout centuries have depicted Christian saints with a golden halo or circle or aura about their head which was a way of indicating spiritual advancement. Healers who can see auras will report that the auras of spiritually advanced people are brighter and larger, and those who are unwell have darker and smaller auras. Regarding colors of auras, very generally speaking the warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow are energetic, activating, and warming colors. Green is healing. Blue, indigo, and violet are calmer and more spiritually oriented colors. Clear, bright colors indicate a clear bright consciousness. Dark, muddy colors indicate unhealthiness or disharmony of some kind. Our aura is a reflection of our consciousness and is constantly changing throughout the day as is our consciousness. In meditation we seek to uplift our consciousness so it makes sense that our aura will be brighter and larger during meditation.

The crown is the highest of our 7 chakras. In meditation and as we advance spiritually more of our energy is centered in the higher chakras or energy centers. To have light in the aura around the crown suggests increased energy there.

When in a place where there is or have been people of high consciousness there is a vibration or energy presence which sensitive people can experience. This high vibration is tangible in places where saints have lived and worshipped in the past. You may be experiencing an elevated consciousness in your meditation room radiating from your brother. Know that all of your meditative efforts, yours and your brothers, lift the vibration of your meditation space.

Most important is that you notice your brother has increased calmness, devotion and balance. Really our spiritual advancement is tested in ‘the cold light of day’ as one of Yogananda’s most advanced disciples put it. Your brother’s shift in consciousness is the fruit of his meditation practice.

Sometimes we think we need some external ‘proof’ that we are making progress spiritually. For most people most of the time there is no such proof forthcoming. What we can notice is that we are indeed calmer, more joyful, more filled with energy, more compassionate and loving as we progress with our meditation. We become more connected with God in whatever form we feel most close to. We become less attached to seeking fulfillment in worldly ways. You and your brother have been committed to a regular meditation practice which is wonderful. I encourage you to not only continue but always seek to go deeper into the Divine Presence. Feel free to explore if you would like to learn more about the teachings and meditation techniques brought by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti