Greatest Blessing in the Three Worlds


I am 55 years old, meditating since last two months as per your online guidelines only, without initiating teacher/guru. Though baby meditation gives me huge peace, kindly help on my following doubts.

1) In stillness, I used to feel severe stiffness in torso/entire body and bending of my hands at the very end. Are they normal?

2) If I do something wrong in the process of meditation, any way, will it harmful to my body / mind now or in future?

3) The process of ending the session of meditation

—Ashok, India


These are wonderful questions that you are aspiring to know, toward perfecting your meditations. You are very blessed to want to know the true Self. Hold steadfast.

It will be important, at some point, in your new aspiration to seek the blessings of a God Realized Master or teacher. Why is this important? It will help you on the spiritual path to have someone who is already acquainted with God. That personage will be your direct link to Him. It has been said that the greatest blessing of the three worlds is a true Guru. A teacher or guru will help guide you, even if they are not in the body on the earthly plane. When meditating ask for help and guidance in the language of your heart for this blessing of a teacher or guru. God will hear you. You will receive this gift at the right time.

The stiffness during meditation will only distract you in your technique. Check to see if your body is not relaxed or your position is not comfortable. Follow, again, the guidelines for a straight spine, shoulders back and heart opened. Then allow your breathing to relax you. Also, the intensity or duration may need adjustment. Meditate only as long as you feel joyful. No need to allow strain into your practice. Experiencing God as peacefulness is perfect and beautiful. You are very fortunate to have this feeling as you experience meditation. You may want to exercise, stretch, or  do Yoga Postures before you begin your meditations to relax the body. Always approach your meditations with relaxation. Unless you use too much intensity or endure too much discomfort, there should be no harmful side effects. Listen to your body and make adjustments to remain comfortable throughout your meditation. Then forget the body and give attention to your breath, as much as possible. Meditation will bring health to body, mind and soul as you continue. Doubts are normal but there can be no mistakes if you allow God’s blessings to flow.

You may also want to read the book written by Swami Kriyananada (J. Donald Walters) Meditation for Starters. This book is a wonderful resource of ideas on ways to improve your efforts. It will give some new insights.

Also, if possible seek out satsang with other people that meditate. Being with a group, meditating, will reinforce your efforts. You can view the listings of Ananda Meditation Centers in India.

As you end your meditation, be still and sit in the peace for as long as you can. Again, if you begin to feel discomfort, adjust your sitting position. Invite God into your life. Send blessings to all those around you, your family, friends and for sincere seekers everywhere. Ask for God’s help and direction in your life. He can’t resist truth seekers that give themselves to Him in total self offering. Remember, you are very blessed to want to find God. He will help you.

Many Blessings in your efforts.